Apple Peeler, A Must Have Utensil!

posted on 29 Jun 2013 05:17 by applepeeler2

I have just made the best buy of my life, no not a new car, an apple peeler! I purchased it the other day and genuinely have not been able to stop eating apples! No more crap food for me, apples are my new snack! Now the I can prepare an apple as fast as a packet of crisps there is no need for me to eat them any longer! It does a great job too, I really could not believe it when I initially I tried it. It still shocks me how good a job it does. So to all those apples lovers and fitness fanatics, I suggest this this strongly! You will get many people saying they like the skin, I am one of those people! I eat the skin on it's own, it is amazing! much better than just consuming a monotonous apple in one go Now apples are fun to eat, so I will try to find other gadgets which make other fruits and vegetables fun!

Vegetable peelers are also an outstanding invention! The amount of time I used to spend preparing food sickens me, when this whole time I could have been flying through with a vegetable peeler! I can now have supper prepared twice as quick with far less work! So you don't have to worry returning home from work to make the dinner anymore!

By this point you have probably noticed I like to get things done quickly. This is because I like to make the best of my time. When I spend most of my day working, shouldn't I get a bit of time to do what I want rather than cooking? I want to do things I enjoy! That's why I like to do boring things quickly and get them out the way! So if you are in the same boat as me then I suggest you get these both and quick!!

There are many other time saving gadgets out there. Of course you have to sift through the crap, which there is a LOT of. This is one of the main reasons I make these posts. To save other people who try to make the best of their time, by helping them get these time saving products without having to search through everything else!

So there we have it! The way I think about things and what I do to make time for myself by cutting out time wasters! I hope everyone found this post helpful! sorry if it was a bit long winded, I just wanted to make my point! So thank you to everyone for reading and I hope to see you again!