I Love The Best Cheap Earbuds

posted on 09 Sep 2013 06:26 by applepeeler2

Nowadays there are so many different types of gadgets that most people don't know where to start. That's the why I have written this article. I'm here to talk about one gadget in particular, it is a gadget that I am extremely interested in and I'm sure most people have a set. The gadget I am talking about is headphones. Everyone loves music, and most people have some kind of portable music gadget such as an iPod or mp3 player, Even if it's only your phone, you need earphones to listen to your music, and a quality pair can make all the difference.

The first headphones I will review are soundMAGIC E10's, in my opinion these are the best budget earphones on the market. The first time I used these I thought wow, what a surprise these soundMAGIC (earbuds|in-ears} are. First of all, they look they look a lot more expensive than £35, thanks to a quality metal casing that looks snazzy in any of the three colors.

They excel in terms of sound quality, also. Play Seasick Steve's brilliantly raw Happy (To Have a Job) and the E10s reveal all the incidental noise in the room and the soft hiss of the unashamedly unpolished, acoustic track. When he breaks it down to the more raucous action, they keep pace wonderfully, making solid, precise leading edges and handling the various beats easily. The bass drum is weighty and expressive, the treble shines, and the vocals are clear and nuanced.

Another plus is the effective noise-isolating fit the E10s provide

To sum up, these are excellent for the price, and the great budget choice for those looking to upgrade those boring buds.

Now I am going to talk about headphones, the Philips Fidelio M1 to be exact. These headphones are exceptional, the faux-leather pads sit comfortably on the ears and grip well. They isolate sound amazing, too which is exactly what you need for travelling. They also have an excellent tangle free wire, which we all know can be extremely annoying - especially when in a rush!

Listening to a WAV of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' Please Read the Letter running from iTunes through a Chord Chordette headphone amp, there's a terrific amount of detail available.

The M1s don't have the kind of airy zing given by open-backed cans – but also neither do they demand your full attention.

It's a rounded, refined presentation. Vocals are shown room to breathe, while high-frequency sounds are natural and don't harden up when you crank the volume.

Stereo imaging is impressive too, with instruments sitting explicitly in their own space; it might not be the biggest soundstage you'll ever hear, but it's tightly marshalled.

Downstairs, the bass is weighty, although some might prefer a touch more punch. It never over powers the rest of the music, stays nice and tight even with complex tunes.

The M1s don't grab you by the ears and force you to listen. But in our view that's not a bad thing – they may not be the most exciting listen, but they perform over long listening sessions and won't wear you out.

Next the best Bluetooth headphones I have experienced. For this category I have chosen the Sennheiser MM 400 X. Like the Sennheiser PXC 310 BT before it, this Bluetooth headset boasts a very small, lightweight and foldable design, a set of controls on the right-hand cup for choosing your song, and the choice of connecting a cable for going wired when you're on a plane or when the 10-hour battery runs out. There's even a built-in mic for smartphone users.

Most importantly, these high-tech headphones sound excellent, they are also the greatest best cheap earbuds I have used, which is a huge plus point. They're not the deepest deliverers of bass, but they've got loads of detail and directness, especially in the vocals.

True, they're not quite up to the standard of wired headphones at the same price, but if you want the convenience of Bluetooth in a very portable and sonically capable headset, you really can't go wrong with these Sennheisers.