Shellac Nail Kits Are the Way Forward!

posted on 11 Sep 2013 05:18 by applepeeler2

A question I regularly get asked is what is the difference between shellac nail polish and normal nail kits? So, here is the answer!

Shellac is an acrylic gel nail polish, which is applied directly onto your nail. But when it dries it sets similar to a fake nail. So it's similar to having a fake nail painted on, making it far more robust than regular nail polish.

First off, start with a normal manicure, trim cuticles, file nail, and buff nails etc. Then get your UV light (that you can purchase in the starter set) and place it on the table. Start with a base coat, then a couple of colour coats, and finally a top layer. Like you get with a manicure. Following this you put them beneath the UV light for 3 minutes to allow to set.

The great feature about these is there is no drying time once the last coats are dry, they are rock hard! So you can continue your day instantly without needing to worry about smudging them!

My favourite thing about these nail kits are they do NOT crack! Seriously, you don't need to hold back with this on, you'd struggle to chip your nails even if you were trying to do it deliberately!

I get loads of people that are scared about damaging their nails, but fear not! If you take them off them carefully and the right way then there is no damage to your nails in the slightest. So don't worry about that! Your nails are also strengthened while using shellac, so there is less chance of your nail breaking, which is always nice!

Altogether I am a massive fan of Shellac. They are massively cheap for the amazing quality you get, and they look far better than normal polish. So get your Shellac nail colours today!!

Something else I noticed while I was using shellac was I get so many compliments about my nails! I adore getting compliments and having the ability to tell people the way I got them. They always try them out and say they will never go back! That's the reason I chose to write this!

I have put links at the beginning to the best places to buy these so look them out if you want the best prices! I hope this article helps you in your goal for the greatest nails!