Fogless Shower Mirror, a Perfect Present!

posted on 12 Sep 2013 04:23 by applepeeler2

The ToiletTree fogless shower mirror is amazing and guaranteed not to fog in the shower at all. Not similar to some other brands that don't work, this one is truly fog free; with an easy-fill reservoir, the water neutralizes the mirror and air temperature.

The fogless shower mirror will also not fall. It connects to practically any wall surface, without damage being caused, with a squidgy robust silicone. You won't be fighting with annoying\silly suction cups with this amazing mirror. The mirror easily comes off from the bracket (however it's strong and will not slip from the bracket) so you can easily fill the reservoir each time you need to. The free sponge removes excess water from your mirror. plus the frame is adjustable, meaning you can position it in one spot, but it is possible to be used for multiple users and directions. It also has a small shelf where you can put a razor or tweezers or whatever you have.

The ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror makes looking after your face so much easier. I bet you didn't know that dermatologists say that doing your normal skin care in the shower as this is a lot healthier for your skin? The heat & moisture makes pores open and creates a ideal environment for shaving, exfoliating, tweezing, and cleaning.

My immediate impression of the shower mirror was that it was extremely light. It measures 6.5in x 8.5in x 1.5 in and weighs less than 1 pound. Once I took it out the packaging, I was genuinely impressed with how neat this mirror looked. You can see that a lot of thought was put into the look of this product.

Usually, I make my husband install stuff in our house. He's way greater at reading manuals and putting parts together than me, so I just ask him. This time, I chose I was going to do it on my own. I laid everything out and read the instructions.

I was a little apprehensive about attaching the tape and silicone on the back of the bracket that attaches the mirror, but I didn't have to be. There were marks showing precisely where you need to squeeze the silicone and unlike many products where you end up running out of a necessary product, there was plenty silicone provided.

It was extremely simple to complete that and just place it onto my clean shower wall.

I waited the essential 24 hours before connecting the mirror the day after, I placed the mirror on. Now I haven't yanked on it or anything, but it feels very solid to me and I have no suspicions that it might fall off.

However enough about the easy assembly you want to know if this product is honestly fog free like it says, right?

I wanted to test the mirror with really hot water, but it's very warm & muggy where we live so I didn't want to have a roasting shower. So I switched the shower on as warm as it went, filled up the reservoir of the mirror with the hot water like directed, and left it to run.

I came back a few minutes after and the room was steamy. The mirror was. FOGLESS!

I've tried the mirror with my normal not-so-warm showers and it works equally good.

I love things that make my life simpler and this one absolutely does. I regularly take showers in the evening and now I can quickly take off any makeup or simply wash my face. Normally

I absolutely recommend the ToiletTree fog free mirror. It makes a perfect gift and is also something great to purchase just for you!