Gelish Nail Polish Is The Best

posted on 12 Sep 2013 06:09 by applepeeler2


I am often asked what the difference between a Gelish nail kit and normal nail polish is, and here is the answer…!

There are many similarities between gelish nail colors and ordinary nail polish, the biggest difference being you will have three weeks with no fading or chipping of the polish. You will not be using the usual cotton wool soaked in nail polish remover to clear gelish. You will in fact have to first of all buff the surface to make it rough, followed by soaking the gelish, then to finish of use a nail pusher tool to scrape it all off!

When we apply the standard nail polish, we normally have it painted with the base coat then the colour polish that the customer wants. gelish nail kit, however, has many steps of applying different layers of coating. First is "Ph Bond" (dehydrates your nails), then is "Foundation Gel", after that will be the "Colour" of the gelish that customers like and lastly it shall be the "Top Coat". This is also the reason gelish can last up to 3 weeks with almost no chipping or fading of nails!.

"Gelish is UV nail gel which is applied in several steps, requiring either a 36 watt UV or LED lamp to cure the gel."

several must be wondering how many damages/negative effects etc will it have? Fear not, gelish can be applied on to your nails, with no causing the damage of your nails due to acrylics. It is healthier and less damaging compared to the standard nail polish! That's the reason why people love it! Who doesn't want healthy and excellent-looking nails all at the same time right? :)

How could I not mention something extremely IMPORTANT?

Gelish only takes 10 MINUTES to dry while placing your nails in the UV/LED lamp!

10 MINUTES! I guarantee many of you have gone through the painful waiting time to dry your nails! Look, gelish only takes 10 MINUTES to completely dry up!

So many advantages and benefits right? Well what are you waiting for, go out and grab a set today! You'll never go back to normal nail polish after you have tried Gelish!