My Kids Love Their New Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen!

posted on 27 Sep 2013 08:06 by applepeeler2

The moment has come in my kid's life where imaginary play dominates, they LOVE acting like mommies and playing with their babies. But their favourite thing at the moment is imaginary cooking, and since I bought them the KidKraft kitchen I haven't been able to get them away from it! They adore it! It's no doubt big enough for two to play with it at once, without arguing over who gets what!

When the kitchen first arrived the kids were so excited to start cooking with it! But first it had to be put together, which was actually quite easy. The instructions were clear and concise, although there is quite a lot to it, which in my opinion is one of the factors which make it worth the money. But after you finish it all it is definitely worth it! Look how amazing it is!

Personally I adore the kitchen because it fits in perfectly with my own, it doesn't look strange in the slightest. They have clearly modelled it with the children and parents in mind, which is nice!

One thing that sets this kitchen apart from different play kitchens is that everything actually has a purpose! All the doors open, all the nobs turn and the faucet spins, which gives them more of a proper kitchen feel! It even has its own cordless phone, chalkboard, paper towel holder, and the sink is can be taken out so it can be cleaned easily!

I love how realistic the kitchen is, the burners on the stove stick out, the oven and microwave both have transparent doors just like real ones. We even found some utensils which go perfect with it for just $15!

The kitchen all in all is very strong and high quality, and it has enough weight that the kids can't move it by themselves but not too heavy that I can't move it if necessary. In fact, all the things about it feels strong, which is superb when you have tough toddlers messing with it!

They love to wake up and "prepare" breakfast for everyone, including their babies! They don't ever seem to get tired of it, which is a hard thing to come by with young ones!

I think it is going to be a very long lasting piece of equipment, there won't be any problem with passing it down the family when they eventually out grow!

So my advice is BUY IT! They will love you forever for it!